[EN] JA 32 – A Constitutional Revision in Japan in 2014? – Dec 2013



1. The Abe government and the thorny question of constitutional change: ambition mixed with prudence (Arnaud Grivaud)

2. The  Jimintō’s (Liberal-Democratic Party) Constitutional amendment project (Amélie Corbel, in partnership with Sophie Buhnik)


Yanagisawa Kyōji, « The right to exercise collective self-defense and the Abe government: ambiguities surrounding the discussion on its implementation », Sekai, May 2013 (Translated by Sophie Buhnik)

2. Entretien entre Hasebe Yasuo et Kakizaki Meiji, « About changes to Article 96 of the Constitution », Juristo (Translated by Arnaud Grivaud)


Japan Analysis‘ 32nd issue comes at the end of a year of analysis of Japanese current affairs, dominated by interrogations about the current and coming orientations of Abe Shinzo’s second term: after years of governmental instability and in a tense regional context, is the Prime Minister’s attitude pragmatic or hawkish? The issue of the necessity – or not – of a constitutional revision, to allow Japan to exercise its right to self-defense in a deeply altered regional context since the Cold War, has been central in the Japanese press and academic circles. However, the escalation of tensions regarding territorial disputes between Japan and China, and the call for a constitutional revision by three political parties in December 2013, demand an analysis of potential interactions with the Japan-US Security Treaty and about the US’ strategy in Asia Pacific.

by Sophie Buhnik and Arnaud Grivaud 

[EN] Japan_Analysis_Dec2013

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