[EN] CA 15 – Sept/Oct 2007



Final straight before the 17th Central Committee (Michal Meidan)

Between Maoism and democracy: the Party in search of an ideology (Michal Meidan)

Is the Rise of the Communist Youth League a Good Thing for China? (Michal Meidan)


Does the Anti-Monopoly Law Facilitate Competition? (Pierre Nordmann)

The Difficult issue of Housing (Valérie Demeure-Vallée)

The Chaotic Restructuring of Chinese Enterprises (Thibaud Voïta)

The New Role of Private Equity in China (Jules-Guillaume Friol)

An Appreciation of the RMB, the Last Hope to Avoid a Crisis? (Thibaud Voïta)


President Sarkozy’s Foreign Policy (Mathieu Duchâtel)

The PLA finally proves Indispensable to Americans (Michaïl Andreï)

The “Harmonious World”, an Answer to the Clash of Civilizations (Michal Meidan)


Taiwan’s Annual Military Exercises (Mathieu Duchâtel)

Ma Ying-jeou Disappoints Beijing (Hubert Kilian)

Strategic and Electoral Implications of the proposals for a Referendums on admission to the UN (Mathieu Duchâtel)


In spite of China’s economic and international success, there is reason to believe that it is the political system and its ideological weakness that are the problem, notwithstanding the advances of recent years. Many Chinese are delighted with the fact that ideology no longer has the same importance, as this seems to them to safeguard a pragmatic approach and a less conflictual model. But can factionalism without intellectual debate enable the institutionalisation of the handover of power at the top? Can it provide for the future of a Communist Party wrought with tensions in the context of competition between members of the ruling class? It seems that the “harmonious society” and scientific development do not always make for an adequate response.

François Godement, Michal Meidan, and Mathieu Duchâtel


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