[EN] CA 19 – Is China a Reliable Partner in Non-proliferation? – Aug 2008



1. Non-Proliferation, a means, not an end in itself? (Mathieu Duchâtel)

2. The Iranian nuclear problem, or “the maggot in the fruit” (Valérie Demeure-Vallée)

3. Fighting proliferation – the Chinese way (Michal Meidan)

4. Proliferation, a step towards nuclear disarmament? (Mathieu Duchâtel)


Combating nuclear proliferation has become one of the underlying reasons for Western engagement with China, particularly for Europe which has been to the fore in seeking diplomatic solutions to the Iranian crisis. These overtures have not been ignored. Supporters of multilateralism have seized on Beijing’s endorsement of limited sanctions against Iran and North Korea as a sign that China now backs the international system where it counts.

François Godement


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