[EN] CA 22 – No Rush into Marriage, China’s Response to the G2 – June 2009



1. Looking for a new sino-american framework (Mathieu Duchâtel)

2. The prospects for climate change cooperation remain cloudy (Thibaud Voïta)

3. New soft power: debating Obama’s attraction (François Godement)

4. A Chinese challenge to the Monroe doctrine? (Mathieu Duchâtel)


Fears in Europe that China works to lock the US into a “G2” embrace so as to dominate the global agenda do not reflect Chinese experts’ current strategic thinking. This is the main finding of this issue of China Analysis, an analysis of China’s debate about how to approach the new US administration.

While many in Europe worry that China will want to transform its economic relationship with the US into a global duopoly marginalising Europe, China is still examining its options. “Characteristically, China is waiting for its opponent to show its cards,” says François Godement, ECFR senior policy fellow and Director of Asia Centre. “This issue of China Analysis shows how carefully, even at this public level, Chinese experts are combing through American views and probing the potential for a new strategic equilibrium.”

François Godement

[EN] China_Analysis_22

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