[EN] CA – Solar Panels: A Crisis “Made in China” – Special Issue June 2013



1. Introduction (François Godement)

2. Solar Panels: a crisis “made in China” (Edouard Laurent)


On June 4, the European Commission announced that it would impose an initial anti-dumping levy of 11 percent on solar panel imports from China, a rate that is set to rise after two months if talks between China and the European Union do not resolve the issue. This has sparked an immediate and angry response from China…

 What do Chinese experts think about the future of the Chinese/ global solar industry? This special issue of China Analysis looks at the main challenges of China’s solar panel industry and provides much-needed context on the recent trade controversy over solar panels.

François Godement

[EN] China_Analysis_June2013

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sulmipark (2013, 17 juin). [EN] CA – Solar Panels: A Crisis “Made in China” – Special Issue June 2013. Les carnets d’Asia Centre. Consulté le 16 avril 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/mj57

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