[EN] JA 09 – Sept 2007



1. An unprecedented defeat at the House of Councillors

2. A succession of scandals had tarnished the Premier minister’s image

3. Mr Abe preferred to quit than to face the opposition

4. Abe’s final months in office saw the return of practices
which Koizumi had often ignored

5. Abe re-established some balance in the diplomatic legacy of his predecessor
6. How and why the LDP picked Mr Fukuda


Takayasu Kensuke, « Is Abe’s government that of a leader? », Sekai

Takenaka Heizô, « The Minshutô’s manifest:
imprecisions due to the lack of a macro-economic vision », Voice

Kabashima Ikuo, Hayano Tôru,
« Prime minister Abe failed over the Constitution », Sekai

Nakanishi Terumasa, « Ozawa Ichirô’s tragedy », Voice

Kawabata Kiyotaka
« The anti-terrorism law and the Security Council resolution », Sekai

Ishihara Masaie, « Standing against the “yasukunistic”
attempt to justify the war of Okinawa », Sekai


by Guibourg Delamotte

[EN] Japan_Analysis_Nov2007

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