[EN] JA 17 – The Victory of the Minshuto – Dec 2009


The Democratic Party (Minshutô) won the general election on August 30th, when it gained 191 seats. With 308 seats, it retains an absolute majority in the Lower House (which requires 241). The Liberal Democrat Party, which lost 181 seats, has only held onto 119, and the Kômeitô 21. So Japan is witnessing a complete reversal of power in the Diet: the opposition has won a victory as large as that of the LDP in 2005.


1. The Minshutô defeats the LDP

2. The Minshutô’s first reforms

3. An anti-American posture?

4. The post-electoral balance in the Minshutô

5. The LDP prepares for a come-back

6. Towards a renewal of the political scene?


Asai Motofumi, «Leaving behind an international political outlook based on power – a close look at the Democratic Party’s diplomacy and security policy», Sekai (translated by Pierre Fauquet)

Îo Jun and Nonaka Naoto, «In what ways will the merging of the government with the majority party lead to policy changes?», Chûô kôron (translated by Guibourg Delamotte)

Tsuji Takuya, «Ranking prefectures in terms of birth rates and population growth», Chûô kôron (translated by Pierre Fauquet)

Ishiba Shigeru, «The LDP will not be able to recover by appealing to hidebound nationalism», Chûô kôron (translated by Guibourg Delamotte)


by Guilbourg Delamotte

[EN] Japan_Analysis_Dec2009

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