[EN] JA 20 – Futenma and the Japanese-American Relations – Oct 2010


This issue, whose redaction is run by Guibourg Delamotte, proposes a detailed and critical analysis of the debate on the American base in Futenma. It deals with the way the Prime Ministers Kan Naoto and Hatoyama Yukio handled that delicate question of foreign policy and with its consequences on the alliance between Japan and the United States, which take a particular dimension with the fiftith anniversary of their diplomatic relations.


1. Inheriting Hatoyama’s Boomerang: How the Futenma Relocation Plan Went Back to Henoko and Tests Kan’s Leadership (Yuko Kawato)

2. The 50th anniversary of the Japan-US Security Treaty (Gavan McCormack)


Okada Katsuo, discusses the negotiations between the US and Japan over Futenma, interview by Tahara Sôichirô, Chûô Kôron (translated by Guibourg Delamotte)

Kitaoka Shin’ichi, «What are the prospects for the Minshutô under Kan?», Chûô Kôron (translated by Guibourg Delamotte)

Mikuriya Takashi, «Lacking direction, the political scene could end up without leaders with future prospects», Chûô Kôron (translated by Guibourg Delamotte)


[EN] Japan_Analysis_Oct2010

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