[EN] JA 26 – The Reelection of Vladimir Putin and North Korean Current Affairs: Views from Japan – June 2012



1. Japanese perceptions of the re-election of Vladimir Putin (Yann Favennec)

2. North Korea’s launching of the Unha-3 rocket in April 2012: the reactions of the Japanese press (César Castellvi)


Yoshimi Shunya and Aoki Tamotsu, “What is wrong with the Japanese universities?”, Chûô Kôron (translated from the Japanese by Amélie Corbel)

Kariya Takehiko, “Can the ‘small state’ be reconciled with the demands of a higher education system?. The problems of Japanese universities as seen from the United Kingdom” Chûô Kôron (translated from the Japanese by Adrienne Sala)


As each year in April, the new school year has begun in Japan. However, Tôdai university announced that it would begin its university year in September, in order to match the rythm of North-American and European institutions. It provoked a lively debate as the generalization of such a change of the calendar would also lead to a reform of the recruitment terms of graduates in public and private sectors. International current affairs have been marked by the succession of Kim Jong-Il in North Korea and the contested reelection of Vladimir Poutine for Russia’s presidence, and their effects on Japan’s relationships with its neighbours are to be analysed.

by Sophie Buhnik

[EN] Japan_Analysis_June2012

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