Étiqueté : Economic policy


[EN] JA 11 – March 2008

Summary – ANALYSIS OF CURRENT AFFAIRS – 1. The renewal of the fuel-tax bill in question 2. International and local negotiations regarding the cost and reorganisation of US bases in Japan 3. Reforming the...


[EN] CA 17 – Jan/Feb 2008

Summary – DOMESTIC POLITICS – Re-launching political liberalisation? (Michal Meidan) Singapore: governance without democracy? (Mathieu Duchâtel) Will an energy minister bring greater coherence to this sector? (Michal Meidan) – ECONOMY – Price controls or disruptions...


[EN] JA 09 – Sept 2007

Summary – ANALYSES OF CURRENT AFFAIRS – 1. An unprecedented defeat at the House of Councillors 2. A succession of scandals had tarnished the Premier minister’s image 3. Mr Abe preferred to quit than...

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