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[EN] JA 12 – June 2008

Summary – CLOSE UP ON THE NEWS –  1. Japan-China relations warmer still 2. The government manages to push through the Diet a series of tax laws 3. A limited reform of the civil...


[EN] CA 18 – March/April 2008

Summary – DOMESTIC POLITICS – The “Chinese miracle” and the challenge of Tibet (Mathieu Duchâtel) New ministries, at the expense of the NDRC? (Michal Meidan) Major changes within the central planning apparatus (Thibaud Voïta) –...


[EN] CA 14 – July/Aug 2007

Summary – DOMESTIC POLITICS – The Democratic Debate, No Longer Silenced (Michal Meidan) Towards a « Guided » Public Opinion in China (Michal Meidan) Reshuffles at the Top Ahead of the 17th Party Congress (Michal Meidan)...

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